Rocksteady has Thunderstruck Fans with Batman: Arkham VR

Rocksteady is giving you another chance to be Batman.... literally, this time.

Rocksteady made an appearance at this year's San Diego International Comic Con, and they were looking to impress the bejesus out of their fans. They did just that by giving them the opportunity to fully experience their upcoming game, Batman: Arkham VR.

Instead of showing a glimpse of gameplay or a two-minute trailer, Rocksteady took it upon themselves to hold a demo booth, where fans got the chance to actually be the Batman, rather than just play him. Players also discovered that the game itself is divided into two parts. The first part is a basic tutorial that takes place in the luxurious Wayne Manor, and shows players the ropes -- including how to properly handle the two Playstation Move controllers. The second part actually lets players experience the streets of Gotham, and even offers the chance to visit crime scenes.

Although the demo amazed fans, there were several concerns that involved the lack of actual combat or taking a joyride in the Batmobile -- but overall, it looks like those lucky SDCC fans had a great and unique experience in Arkham VR


Published Aug. 4th 2016

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