7 Totally Insane Minecraft PE Parkour Maps for 1.2.8

Map: Castellia

By TelepathicGrunt

Although all you really need for a good Minecraft PE parkour map is some well-placed blocks, Castellia goes all out to create one incredible experience. Castellia is a visually stunning parkour map and feels like an entire platforming game of its own. In addition to well-designed parkour elements, this medieval castle-themed map also challenges you to battle monsters, solve fiendish puzzles, and locate hidden secrets.

Two versions of this Minecraft PE map are available -- one for single player, the other for 2-4 players -- and you can find guides for both from the map's creator here (multiplayer) and here (single player). It's certainly one of the best parkour maps for Minecraft PE -- and the most beautiful.

Published Jan. 9th 2018

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