LISA: The Joyful slinking onto Steam this summer

LISA: The Joyful's finally coming. Will we finally see Buzzo's side of things?

LISA: The Painful was the most memorable game I played in 2014 for a number of reasons, most of which related to how the game worms its way into the player's head.

If you gave it a go and loved it, I've got some good news for you: Dingaling has announced LISA: The Joyful is making its way to Steam this summer.

It's hard to imagine where the series will go in its final chapter after the rollercoaster of gameplay and emotions in The Painful, but you can bet it's going to be both heart-wrenching and awesome.

For the uninitiated, LISA is a unique point among the current indie game scene. It's difficult to really describe the mixture of visuals, themes, music, and absolute humanity that LISA: The Painful just oozes out of its wounds. No other game in recent memory so perfectly blends the game world and gameplay so masterfully, much less a turn-based RPG.

I implore you to give this gem a shot before LISA: The Joyful stealths its way to the Steam storefront this summer. You could not do much better for $9.99, and it's an experience you absolutely will remember months down the line. I guarantee it.

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Published Jun. 13th 2015

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