10 biggest video game sins: Day one DLC, unskippable cutscenes, Doritos, and more

Unskippable Cutscenes

So you're watching this incredibly long and emotional cutscene right before an inevitable boss battle. You're hyped up and ready to deliver the biggest ass kicking--

Oh, never mind. You died.

Just press restart and try again, right? There's that cutscene again though. You frantically mash the controller buttons, but nothing is happening. Rage starts to set in. Your last ditch effort is to press the pause button in hopes of seeing a button press prompting you to skip the scene. Nothing there except the word 'Pause' sprawled across the screen.

Not only do you have to endure the whiny main character waxing poetic about his daddy issues again, but there's that worry in the back of your mind that you might lose this fight again.

But don't worry, every gamer has endured this nightmare. At least you aren't the only one.

Biggest offender: Final Fantasy X

Image source: Final Fantasy Wikia

Published Sep. 29th 2015

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