Five Horror Comics That Should be Telltale's Next Adventure Game

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Telltale games are very unique for several reasons. Unlike most games, which are released as a whole and singular unit, Telltale uses an episodic structure that breaks the game into several parts, with each part further developing the world, plot, and themes of the game. 

The company has published many successful spin-off titles stemming from popular IPs like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Minecraft, and Batman, with more in the works . And most (if not all) of their game have plots that play out differently based on the player's choices, either through dialogue or actions. Those choices affect how the story will resolve itself at its conclusion.

But even though Telltale has tackled a number of different franchises with a number of different styles, there's one genre they haven't touched yet -- the horror genre. 

Now, there's already a lot of crossover between gaming and horror films, with lots of scary movies being based on existing survival/horror video games. And while books might seem like the next obvious choice for new Telltale fodder, there's another corner of the horror genre that we'd love to see the developer explore -- the world of horror comics. 

There are lots of great horror comics out there that are packed with excellent storylines. And their serial format makes them a perfect fit for the Telltale episodic formula. Horror comics don't just keep their readers in suspense and build terrifying worlds -- they also have stellar narratives that appeal to Telltale's style. From a boy who manages to murder lots of people to an STD that makes you more good-looking, horror comics explore all kinds of situations that could easily be ported into engaging video game experiences. 

But which ones would make the absolute best games? Let's find out. The following five horror comics are the best of the best -- purely because their plots are too damn good for Telltale to pass up. Allowing players to make critical choices in these stories would make for some seriously awesome narrative gameplay. 

Published Dec. 5th 2016

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