GTA Online Trading Places mode to get 3 new maps

The new maps for GTA Online will include discounts available until June 20.

Rockstar Games has added three new maps to the Trading Places mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. The new mode was included in the “Further Adventure in Finance and Felony” content, which came out last week.

The new maps included in the mode are Little Seoul in Trading Places 4, Lost Club House in Grapeseed in Trading Places 5, and Harmony Place Construction Site in Trading Places 6.

With the maps, new discounts are available -- like 50% off of bulletproof tires, or 25% off of car armor and Annihilator Helicopters. Secret weapons and ammo will also be reduced in price. Along with these discounts, other limited-time unlocks, like the smoking jacket and pajama set, will be available until June 20.

In the dynamic and open world of GTA Online, players can create and develop a unique character from scratch by customizing their look, improving their stats and owning customized cars. As GTA Online continues to expand and evolve with a constant stream of new content, it is closely becoming the first ever persistent and dynamic GTA game world.  

Published Jun. 16th 2016

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