China Lifts Console Ban Today After 14 Years

China has lifted their ban on foreign consoles bringing in new games to their people. What will this mean for the console companies?

After the long, harsh 14 years of the console ban, China has finally opened up their doors to the wonderful world of gaming through foreign consoles such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. This will not only speak volumes for revenue of popular gaming companies, but will bring in a whole new player base that the world hasn't seen for a those past 14 years.

China's Intentions

The culture board of China wasn't trying to be harsh on their people, but instead banned the consoles for the mental well-being of their younger generation. China believes that there have been links between violence and video games, and thus have done their best to protect younger Chinese people. Even thought they've protected like big brother, they've lifted the ban--but with some restrictions.

China was considering abandoning their lift on the ban back in October, but the day has finally come. However, they do have plans of their own. It's been said that all games will have run through their culture board to have them acceptable for their people. This could mean some games with higher violence rates won't be accepted, and the companies might aim towards less-violent games.

What do you think about this banning and unbanning? Comment below!

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Published Jan. 8th 2014
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    I'll be interested to see just how many games make it through to China and how long it takes for the consoles (and which one) to get a foothold going.

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