Dishonored 2 Just Got a Steam Update So Big That It's Classified as a Beta

Dishonored 2 its getting its third game update, which aims to fix a number of bugs and crashing issues.

Several months after its full release back in November 2016, Dishonored 2 is receiving its third new update for PC and Steam users today. Because it's such a large set of changes, this patch is being considered a beta for now -- but includes fixes for a number of different crashing issues and other bugs in the game.


So what is this massive patch going to fix?

A lot of things -- but the primary purpose is to clear up some bugs and other glitches that have burdened Dishonored players. For example, it should solve the bug that turns your journal into a blurred mess. It's also going to fix the issue that causes players to get control-locked in the key bind menu if they're using a mouse and game pad at the same time. 


The new update also includes performance optimization for users on AMD 400 Series Crossfire Enabled GPUs. It even aims to fix some localization issues with in-game text, while also adding some extra UI optimization. But otherwise, the patch notes are pretty lacking over all in optimization improvements.


For a full rundown of all the changes coming in this patch, you can check out the full patch notes for Dishonored 2 via its Steam store page. 

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Published Mar. 21st 2017

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