Console games will never stay competitive with PC - and here's why

2. Consoles Games Change Drastically from One Title to the Next

Halo is a great example of the huge changes that happen between one console title and the next. Developers will usually tweak or toss out old mechanics and throw in new ones on top of a visual overhaul. Those tweaks can cause a major upset in the competitive community like the switch to armor abilities between Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

The idea behind such changes is to attract new players while giving current fans something new. It can be great way to sell a new title, but a bad way to keep competitive players coming back for more.

All the while, PC games introduce big changes slower and tweak small things that don't work on the fly. Console games can be updated too, of course, but how often will console developers throw out a brand new mechanic to serve the competitive community?

Published Jul. 4th 2015

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