Unlockable Nintendo Costumes in Bayonetta 2 Are For More Than Just Show

The Nintendo themed costumes in Bayonetta 2 do more than look good

About a month ago, Nintendo announced that Bayonetta 2 would come with costumes from some of the company's biggest franchises. Now that the game has released in Japan, we have footage that shows that these costumes are for more than just show.

Luckily, these costumes are not paid DLC and come on disk, though you do have to unlock them. In order to do this, you have to purchase the Super Mirror 64-2, which will automatically come with the Fox McCloud costume. From there, you can purchase further couture bullets to unlock the Samus, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Link costumes. They all cost 100,000 halos (the game's currency). While this may seem a lot, the new tag climax mode should help make it easier to earn that amount of cash. If you wish to use the outfits for other unlockable characters, however, you must repurchase them.

The first costume is the Fox McCloud outfit. The outfit comes with the Star Fox lock ons, and allows Bayonetta to fight with miniature Arwings instead of guns. Also, if you have the outfit equipped, you have the chance to pilot your very own Arwing through the world of Bayonetta.

The next costume is the Link outfit. While wearing this, Bayonetta is able to reflect attacks with the Hylian shield by tapping the L stick towards the attacker. After unlocking the Shuraba by completing the game's main storyline, you are able to combine the outfit with the Link costume to use the Master Sword in battle, along with some of Link's signature moves. There are other little bits of fan service, such as enemies dropping rupees instead of halos, while opening chests and discovering secret areas triggers that familiar Zelda chime.

One of the other unlockable outfits that players can earn is the Samus costume. Through this, Bayonetta is able to use the bounty hunter's charge cannon, which activates by holding down the Y button. The blast is powerful enough to knock enemies off their feet, and then stun them for a few seconds. Bayonetta also gains the ability to transform into the morph ball by double tapping ZR to run. However, this does not translate into cut scenes as Bayonetta's run is still rendered as the panther within.

The final two costumes are the Peach and Daisy outfits. Though the outfits do have some abilities of their own, they are mostly just fan service. When used, Bayonetta's hair demons become Bowser's arms and legs, though it is unknown if these attacks have any effect of their own. When wearing these costumes, enemies drop Mario coins instead of halos, and make the distinct Mario Bros. chime when picked up. Both of these costumes have the same abilities, with the only difference being the colors.

Bayonetta 2 hits North America and Europe on October 24. The game is a Wii U exclusive. Packaged with the game is a Wii U port of the first game. You can check out a hands on with Bayonetta 2 right here.

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Published Sep. 25th 2014

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