10 Franchises Telltale Games Should Tackle

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This is a list that many people, including myself, having been throwing around for years now. Ever since Telltale's The Walking Dead became a mega-hit, people have tried to guess what might be next. Part of the intrigue stems from the fact that no other developer makes adventure games based on well-known franchises, and because of that we all want our personal favorite franchises to be tackled next.

There are several properties that I've longed for Telltale to get its hands on, including Dexter -- though I think the ship has sailed on my serial killer friend (so it won't be on this list). I'm also still clinging on to the very faint hope of The Wolf Among Us Season 2, but it seems Telltale is constantly finding new, bigger properties. So we're unlikely to see Bigby Wolf make a return.

Like I said, everyone has their personal choices, and I've given a few honorable mentions to those I saw lobbied for most by fans on Telltale's official forums. But at the end of the day, this list is primarily my own picks -- although I left a few out for failing to see how it could possibly work (like a WWE game). So not even I can justify some choices.

Without further ado, let the games begin!

Published Feb. 24th 2016
  • Dustin Frisch
    I think a Scooby Doo game would be another great one to target towards children. The rest I agree with as well!

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