Chinese Developed Indie Game Hidden Dragon: Legend Announced for PS4

The 2.5 metroidvania hack and slash game will release this August.

Oasis Games has announced that the studio will release the side-scrolling RPG Hidden Dragon: Legend on the PlayStation 4 this August.

Hidden Dragon: Legend is an indie game developed by Chinese developer Megafun Games and made with Unreal Engine 4. The game has players travel back in time to Imperial China as they learn and improve their combat and acrobatic skills, solve puzzles, and fight against tough enemies and powerful bosses. They do this all while strengthening their character via use of a customizable skill tree.

The story of Hidden Dragon: Legend revolves around competing factions who all wish to obtain the Dragon Cauldron -- a mystical item that can give people inhuman powers at the cost of their sanity and reason. The player finds out he has been put under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron by one of these competing factions and then sets out to find and defeat them.

Hidden Dragon: Legend will be released at a yet unspecified date in August for the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store. It will cost $19.99.

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Published Jul. 7th 2017

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