Starting a Video Game Blog? Read This First.

What Makes GameSkinny Different? Please, Allow Me.

What Makes GameSkinny Different? Please, Allow Me.

Starting a new game blog on tumblr, wordpress or blogspot blog usually feels like this:

You pour yourself into crafting articles and videos for a week or two, enthusiasm slowly dwindling as you realize how hard it is to get people to find your stuff. Hitting publish doesn’t feel like an accomplishment after awhile, it feels like an excercise in futility.

Trouble is, it should feel more like this:

That’s where we come in.

GameSkinny makes writing about games more rewarding.

We carefully assessed what it’s like to use blogspot, wordpress, and tumblr as a writer, and crafted an experience that’s way better.

1. No one can cover everything, but we can all cover something. Blogs get more traffic when they publish twice (or more) daily. Thing is, people who aren’t full time bloggers have a tough time keeping up that kind of publishing rate. But great work should get an audience, no matter how often you write. Everyone has something worthwhile to share.

2. Nobody likes to write in a void, and no one has to anymore. Professionals burn out when they are boxed in. New writers need mentors. Everyone wants someone to see their work. Online publishing is defined by change, and we can all learn something from each other. At GameSkinny, we’re in this with you.

What GameSkinny does differently:

Get your work in front of an audience – fast. On GameSkinny, hitting ‘publish’ means that someone else is going to see what you’ve written. If it’s really good, lots of people are going to see it. GameSkinny articles can hit the front page in search as quickly as a few hours. Make something great, and get found faster!

Give you the stats. It’s easy and quick to find your traffic and visitor stats, just check out your Dashboard.

Provide support: GameSkinny editors have your back; we don’t just keep an eye out for typos, we also help keep you motivated by suggesting ideas for articles, ways to make your writing better, and tips to reach a bigger audience.

Let’s do this.

EASY MODE: Start your first article

It’s simple, and the fastest way to see what we’re all about. Every new writer is welcomed by a real live editor who will read and leave feedback on your work. If the audience likes it, your first piece can make a big splash. You won’t know until you try!

Start your first article now!


NORMAL MODE: Join our Writer’s Workshop

Get our weekly writing topic and join in chats with the GameSkinny Editors.

Join the Writer’s Workshop

HARD MODE: Gain resume-worthy experience

Apply for our Journalist Training Program, a course that takes you through the online publishing experience so you can explore options in video game journalism, reporting and more!


Most people just need a little support to create something great. That’s exactly what we aim to do.

I’ve started plenty of blogs. I know that “first week” feeling; you write knowing very few people (or very possibly, no one) will see what you’ve created. Often the lack of feedback can smother what started out as a fun, creative project.

That’s because writing in a void isn’t fun. Trouble is, the people who are starting those blogs – gamers, aspiring journalists, indie developers – those are the people we most want to hear from. Writers who are speaking from experience and from the heart, not from self interest.

Help us build GameSkinny

Review your favorite game. Share tips. Write an opinion piece. Share an article you like. Leave a comment. Agree. Disagree. Are you game? Give it a shot. And let us know what you think.

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