Terraria 1.3 patch notes released and they are MASSIVE

Terraria 1.3 is out this Tuesday, and Redigit's posted the patch notes.

Terraria 1.3 is so close I can feel it, especially now that the patch notes are out. Redigit posted them on the official forums this morning and they are absolutely huge!

We've had hints at what was to come with Terraria 1.3 ever since 1.2 was released nearly two years ago, but I don't think anyone expected there to be this much new content and this many changes coming with the 1.3 patch. Reading through them all will take you at least a good five minutes.

Along with over 800 new items, new events, and a host of quality of life changes comes Expert mode, a harder difficulty for hardened Terraria veterans who want a real challenge in their 2D sandbox for better loot.

Despite the massive list of new stuff, I'm most hyped for all of this new stuff in Expert mode specifically -- and if you're a long time Terraria player, you probably are too. New boss mechanics, exclusive items, and different enemy and player scaling. Too hype.

There's way too much new stuff to even begin touching on here sans Expert mode, so make sure you check out the full patch notes and get hype. The 1.3 patch is only a few days away and is scheduled for release on Tuesday, June 30th.

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Published Jun. 28th 2015

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