New Monster Hunter Online CG Trailer Brings Game to Life

All I want for Christmas is Monster Hunter Online. That's a long enough window, right?

Tencent and Capcom's love baby Monster Hunter Online has a new trailer as seen above, and boy does it take the cake as best Monster Hunter-related CG yet.

Monster Hunter Online is currently in development uses CryEngine 3 to take the visuals far past what we've seen in the series yet. While it is primarily being developed by Chinese giant Tencent Games, Capcom does seem to be having a hand in development to ensure the game is worthy of the Monster Hunter name.

So far the only confirmed release territory is China, but recent words from Crytek's Areil Cai may point to an international release. If we do get so lucky, Western fans looking for a truly online Monster Hunter experience can finally get over the lack of a Frontier localization. If not, it's time to strap on our tantrum faces.

The official site is a little hard to navigate without some knowledge of Simplified Chinese, but it is being regularly updated with small pieces of information. Well-worth the poke around if you're getting excited!

(Video upload courtesy of MMO Culture)

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Published May. 6th 2013

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