8 Non-Souls Games to Play Before Elden Ring

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter and games like Elden Ring share a few things, but here, we’re looking purely at weapon variety. Every weapon in Monster Hunter requires a unique playstyle, making them more like classes than mere pieces of gear.

Souls games don’t go that far, and Elden Ring likely won’t either, but if the Lands Between are as expansive as we’ve been promised, the volume of possible loadouts and builds is bound to be enormous. 

With so many options, there are sometimes difficult choices in how you approach encounters. A two-handed greatsword might deal incredible single-hit damage, but you’ll be vulnerable thanks to the slow attack speed. Small weapons can deal serious damage as well, but only if used in a specific combo.

Add in magic and what looks like a Weapon Art system in the trailer, and there are some serious decisions to make in Elden Ring. Monster Hunter will help you get acquainted.

Published Jul. 6th 2021

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