7 Best Mobile Roguelikes You Can Play Right Now

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Roguelikes are growing in popularity. From games like Enter the Gungeon to recent sidescrollers like Flinthook, the number of roguelike games releasing each year is seemingly infinite. Predicated on journeying through procedurally generated levels that predominantly showcase tile-based graphics, Roguelikes have carved a niche for themselves, especially with players that take permadeath seriously. 

There are a handful of roguelikes on each console, but most seem to start on the PC before moving over. Once these games gain good enough reception, they're typically ported to consoles or mobile devices. 

And although your Android or iPhone may not be the best device on which to play roguelikes, there are tons of great games that exploit those devices' best features. So if you're a heavy mobile gamer and would like to take a chance at playing some truly punishing roguelike games, here are 7 great entries you can choose from right now. 

Published May. 20th 2017

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