Beta periods for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 announced for late August

The Black Ops 3 beta will take place during the latter half of August.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the third in the Black Ops line by Treyarch and the twelfth main Call of Duty installment hits store shelves on Friday, November 6th.

Having announced their switch in platform exclusivity to Sony’s PlayStation at E3 this year, Treyarch have now confirmed the dates the beta will be available, provided you have a download code.

PlayStation 4 players will be able to access the beta from Wednesday, August 19th until Sunday, August 23rd while players on Xbox One or PC will have to wait a little longer until Wednesday, August 26th and can play until Sunday, August 30th.

Along with early beta access, Sony’s exclusive deal with Treyarch also means their platform will receive DLC and map packs early for Black Ops 3, similar to how Microsoft’s deal worked through a lot of the previous Call of Duty games.

Competitive Black Ops 3 players will also likely need to switch from Xbox One to PS4 to compete at events, however it hasn’t yet been confirmed by Major League Gaming.

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Published Jul. 22nd 2015

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