Nicole Nymh hits E3- Day 1 in pictures!

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Square Enix building just near the airport!

Headed to the convention with my media badge!

The line for badge registration for non-media was FOREVER long


Countdown to the opening of South Hall exhibits.

Playing Johann Sebastian Joust at the IndieCade booth.


I tried Battle Train by Lionel, their booth had SO MANY TRAINS.

I tried out Tiny Brains by Spearhead Games.


The Capcom booth holds a fair amount of real estate with Ace Attorney and DUCKTALES!

Activision and Blizzard put together a virtual theater for regular shows with stunning animation to announce news on Skylanders, Diablo, etc.


Sonic and the Lost World was a pretty busy station all day.

This guy is the COOLEST.

I don't even know what to say about this.

ZOMBIES! Don't worry, they're fenced in-- mostly.

Checking out Razer's new ultra-thin gaming laptop, wow.

Finished my time in South Hall at the Turtle Beach booth, watch for a compare contrast between the Turtle Beach and Astro/Skullcandy lineups later this week!

Published Jun. 12th 2013

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