Gnosia Releases on Steam Later in 2021

We're getting a Gnosia PC release date and that's a good thing.

Gnosia is coming to Steam later in 2021, developer Playism announced. While there's no current Gnosia Steam release date yet, it's worth waiting for.

Gnosia is a different kind of social deduction game. You'll uncover imposters and try to save the ship's crew, but in Gnosia, the imposters could be your friends. Gnosia are lifeforms intent on murdering all humans.

Each round gets you closer you your crew mates, learning about their lives, fears, and dreams, but more importantly, it gets you closer to understanding the mystery behind the Gnosia themselves. Unless, of course, you're playing as the Gnosia and just want every human dead.

It's a compelling system where each "loop," or round, gradually peels another layer away from the mystery.

It's always compelling, even when it frustrates, and we called it "a fantastic game with a riveting story and interesting characters supported by rich art and solid gameplay mechanics." Stay tuned for more on the Gnosia Steam release date. 


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Published May. 14th 2021

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