Unreal Tournament: Underland is a blast

Underland is a map that brings quick great looking fun.

Epic Games is hitting the game market hard. Unreal Tournament, Shadow Complex, and the new MOBA Paragon, are making big waves, even when two of the three are still in alpha (UT and Paragon). With the slow release of Unreal Tournament, which is a great thing, Epic has released another map, Underland. 

Jump boots and health refills are spread out nicely, a sniper rifle sits highly in the tower, and the rocket launcher sits rear center of the map, making for quick and stressful play. The map is great for Deathmatch and keeps you on your feet, or well sliding on them, great new feature by the way.

Underland is a quick, small map that plays and looks great. This map does a great job showcasing the new Unreal Engine and what we can look forward to in future games using this gorgeous engine.  

Unreal Tournament is still in pre-alpha, but a great game and staying true to the fast pace, mouse gripping legacy. If you haven’t already go check out Epic Games, sign up for their alphas, and enjoy some great games.

Published Jun. 7th 2016

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