Is the EverQuest Next beta just around the corner?

Reports of beta sign ups possibly being avaliable and testing emails going out to community members it seems suspicions surrounding the EverQuest Next Black Box video may be true. Is beta coming August 6th?

Suspicious reports of beta invites and possible ways to sign up for Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest Next testing are abound. With recent discussions about a possible beta starting after the reveal on August 6th (the date when the full black box video will be released) amongst myself and fellow podcasters, it seems we may be seeing some confirmation or our suspicions.

Below is a picture snapped by an anonymous source, displaying sign up being available. It appears you could sign up on the "Accounts" website but the site seems down at the current time.

Perhaps this was a leak, someone might have pressed the button a bit early... but this news means that an August 6th start of beta is indeed very possible. The opening keynote is tonight and promises to reveal at least a small tid-bit of EverQuest Next before the reveal tomorrow. 

Aren't here in Vegas? View the keynote livestream here and catch our recap following the event.

Don't forget, Max and I are here at SOE Live bringing you the latest on all of your favorite Sony Online Entertainment games! Have a question for us? Ask below!


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Published Aug. 8th 2013
  • MrFester
    If you mean 2014 being around the corner for the next SOE Live, then yes. It's just around the corner.

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