7 Indie Games That Crushed It at PAX West 2016

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Tunnels & Trolls: Naked Doom


Tunnels & Trolls is RPG legend. Originally a tabletop game -- and actually the second RPG ever published -- this IP from designer Ken St. Andre is getting a digital facelift as the development team at MetaArcade brings it to mobile devices.

This choose-your-own adventure title is a welcomed return to what made RPGs so great. You're free to pick from a number of branching paths that will ultimately lead you to great success or a horrible demise. (I got eaten by a Balrog. And eviscerated by bats. And drowned in beer...) Accompanied by a rich narrative and hand-drawn images, Tunnels & Trolls: Naked Doom is a great game for anyone who wants the DnD experience without sinking hours into minimal progress on a campaign. 

This is also the first title that's being published on MetaArcade's Adventures platform -- a build-your-own RPG maker geared toward people who want to make great narrative games without needing any tech knowledge. When it's released for public use, creators will be able to write their own stories, choose their own art from a wealth of genres/styles, and eventually publish their games for the world to enjoy (with a nice slice of the profits, too). 

This is definitely a game I'll be keeping an eye on when it makes its full release, and I look forward to creating some of my own masterpieces through the Adventures platform as well. 

That wraps up our list! What were some of your favorite indie games at PAX? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Sep. 8th 2016

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