Steam In-Home Streaming Monopolizes Host Computer

When streaming games through Steam from one computer to another, the host computer cannot be used for other purposes.

Valve announced last week that their new Steam feature will be moving into beta before the end of the year. Today, a Q&A with more information on the streaming service was released.

While a game is being streamed from your PC or Mac to another device, the host computer is unable to be used. According to the Q&A, the stream monopolizes the computer as it “is dedicated to running the game and input is coming from both the remote client and the local system.”

Streaming is also not accomplished via the internet. The streaming feature is designed for home-streaming. Internet streaming isn’t supported at the moment, forcing gamers to use local networks. Eventually, Valve hopes to combine this streaming feature with their Steam Machines and SteamOS to create an open gaming network.

If you’d like a chance to participate in the beta and check out In-Home Streaming for yourself, you can join the Homestream group on Steam. Participants will be randomly selected from Steam account-holders who are members of this group.

But, for now, all we can do is speculate. What are your thoughts on the Steam In-Home Streaming feature?


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Published Nov. 21st 2013

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