Escape Goat Launches on Steam

Travel through 50 levels as a magical goat.

After a year on Project Greenlight, indie Escape Goat has launched on Steam. An 80's style puzzle platformer, Escape Goat has already sold over 25,000 copies.

So what is Escape Goat

Magical Time Bean, the developer, calls Escape Goat a "new take on puzzle platforming." A physics based platformer where you play as a goat imprisoned for witchcraft who must escape the Prison of Agnus, Escape Goat  has a few interesting features. 

  • You have no combative abilities. You're a goat, so no swords, attacks, etc. You must avoid all danger, and successfully navigate the environment, a place where rooms re-arrange themselves. 
  • Over 50 rooms. This means plenty of mechanics, traps and puzzles to play to your goat-jumping-hearts' content. 
  • Built in Level Editor. Feeling masochistic? Create levels in the built in level editor and then send them to your friends. 
  • Bonus Campaign. Created by guest level designer Zach Wadlin, this bonus campaign promises to be extra challenging. 

If you're still not sold, Escape Goat has a beta version available to play on your browser here

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Published Oct. 10th 2013

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