Nintendo Announces New Splatoon 2 Map at ESL Europe Grand Final

A new map was announced for Splatoon 2. Here's hoping it isn't an April's Fools prank (Pro tip: It isn't .. .probably).

Today at the Splatoon Europe Grand Finals competition, a new Splatoon 2 map was announced by Nintendo. This map, called Humpback Pump Track, looks as if it could have been ripped straight out of a Tony Hawk game in the best way possible. It features tracks and ramps in all sorts of haphazard directions, as well as walls that can be used for cover.

Perhaps most interestingly, it was revealed that jellyfish do in fact like to ride bikes. Which, as many of us Splatoon heads already know, was a huge lingering question left by the first game.  

Now, we can all collectively hold our breath hoping that Nintendo does not try to pull a fast one on us by insisting that this was an April Fool's Day prank. (Don't worry! We did our due diligence.) 

In the meantime, you can take solace in watching the reveal trailer on loop. Splatoon 2 is currently set to release in the vague time frame of "Summer 2017" for the Nintendo Switch.

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Published Apr. 1st 2017

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