The 5 best features of modern monitors for gamers

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Modern PC monitors are great - fact. There’s no denying that games can often seem like a totally different titles when they’re experienced on a sparkly new monitor. All the more so when these peripherals boast some of the more cutting-edge technology we’ve seen appear in recent years.

The problem is, with such a massive variety of features available, and new ones appearing all the time, it can be a bit confusing as to which are the most conducive to top-quality gaming. There’s also the issue of not everyone understanding precisely what some monitor terminology actually means.

In an attempt to aid those who don’t know their hertz from their high definitions, here is a list of the five best features of modern monitors for gamers, with a brief explanation of what each of these technological marvels actually does. If you have the money, and a beefy graphics card, then maybe it’s time for you to consider splashing out on a new screen - it may cause you to see your entire gaming catalog in a whole new light.  

There’s also a list of the three best gaming monitors available today at the end of the article, should anyone really wish to hammer their credit card.

Published Jul. 28th 2015

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