Monsters and Monocoles Gets Release Date

Indie game Monsters and Monocles combines Victorian, steampunk attitude with thrilling action and occult.

Indie developer Retro Dreamer will launch its top-down shooter Monsters and Monocles for Early Access on Steam in August. 

The Victorian steampunk action-shooter will emphasize teamwork as a way to battle the enemies that plague the globe. In the game, an occult leader has unknowingly unleashed a great evil into the world, and it is up to the players to get rid of the evil hordes. 

Players can battle as quirky paranormal investigators in the game, either in single-player mode or with up to four players, online or locally. By using weapons named in steampunk fashion like the blunderbuss, stake launcher, and crumpet cannon, players can sleuth their way around to find relics that can be used to customize weapons and play style. 

Key features in the game are different procedural levels, which include objectives to complete, enemies to defeat, power-ups to redeem and secretes to reveal. Also in the game, players will have to ability to fight huge bosses in an effort to fully vanquish the occult. 

Monsters and Monocles will be available for Early Access on Steam August 16.

Published Jul. 22nd 2016

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