Transport Fever Closed Beta now Accepting Applications

All aboard for the Transport Fever beta test due to arrive at its destination in August 2016.

Fans of Train Fever can now apply to be a part of the closed beta for its follow-up title Transport Fever. Switzerland-based developers Urban Games are looking for people who are genuinely interested in transport-themed simulations to help progress the game's development towards release. Players have until July 17 to get their applications in, and the beta test is expected to start sometime in August.

Transport Fever gives players the opportunity to enjoy the same kind of gameplay as its predecessor but also comes with the following new features:

  • Two new game modes - an endless mode and a campaign mode with the choice of European and American campaigns, each offering ten historical missions,
  • Over 120 trains, aircraft, ships, buses, trams and trucks spanning over 150 years of transport history,
  • An upgraded railroad and a street construction system,
  • 25 achievements to work towards,
  • Extensive modding support and Steam Workshop connectivity.

If you are interested in the closed beta, you can apply by filling in this application form. Applicants will be notified before the beginning of August. Urban Games apologizes that they will be unable to accept all applications.

Transport Fever is expected to release on PC, OS X and Linux via Steam


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Published Jul. 12th 2016

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