A look inside the upcoming Movie Warcraft The Beginning - PAX East Panel

The Best Q & A from WARCRAFT: A Look Inside the Upcoming Cinematic Adventure panel.

Warcraft The Beginning is a cinematic adventure for lovers of the books and game World of Warcraft. This film -- directed by Duncan Jones -- will offer movie goers an depth look at one of the beginning stories in the Warcraft franchise. The WARCRAFT: A Look Inside the Upcoming Cinematic Adventure panel was moderated by Michelle Morrow with hosts Duncan Jones (director) and Robert Kazinsky (actor). Here are the best questions with their answers from the panel.

How did you know where to start in the vast and rich story that is World of Warcraft? What were some of the challenges you faced doing so?

Jones said that he wanted to start at the beginning, the origin story of the first contact Humans and Orcs,  with the Orcs are fleeing their dying world of Draenor and facing extinction. In leaving Draenor, the Orcs come across the dark portal which connects Dreanor to Azeroth. Now the humans must ether share their home world with the orcs or face war with against them. Jones wanted to make it understandable for new comers and veteran fans alike. However, in order to explain the story properly and correctly, Jones said that there needed to be heroes on both the human and the orc side. It was challenging because most people see Orcs as bad.

What moment made you realize that the movie was going to be "Next Level"?

The CGI in the movie is what really took it to that "next level". Teaming up with Jeff White who did the CGI animation for the Hulk in the first Avengers movie, Jones was able to bring to life Orcs, Dwarfs and many other mystical beings from the world of Azeroth. Fans get to see them as well rounded characters making them seem more human. So, along with the writing the motion capture really gave it that push to make the film "next level".

Were there any hardships with making the film?

Duncan explained that by the time he took over as director most of the kinks were already worked out. The main issue was, again, making making the movie half about Humans and half about Orcs with heroes and villains on both sides.

How did you make the movie not seem fake?

Aside from creating deeply rich and well-developed characters, the sets were constructed outside with the motion sensors. Warcraft is one of the first movies of its kind to mix the two. Plus they had a movement coach which helped the actors become more realistic Orcs, Wizards and Warriors. All Orc actors went to "orc camp" where they learned mannerisms like how to sit, eat, move and walk. These seemingly minor details can make a huge impact on how movie goers view the animated Orcs. You can take a glimpse of the Lion's Pride inn with this behind the scenes video.

The panel ended with an exclusive extended trailer of the Warcraft The Beginning for PAX East attendees. If you just can't get enough and want to find out more you can watch the whole hour long panel here:



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Published Apr. 26th 2016

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