Let's Get Tactical: 10 Turn Based Games You Didn't Even Know Existed

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While some fast paced MOBA or FPS action is always a welcome diversion, a good old turn-based strategy where you can really plan your battle tactics has a very special appeal.

There's been a fabulous resurgence of the old school in strategy games lately, with Age Of Wonders getting a new iteration not too long ago, as well as yet another Heroes Of Might And Magic landing on PC.

That storied series in particular has been taking knocks lately for being released unfinished and never having major bugs fixed, unfortunately, so for many gamers its time to find a new series to try. If you need ever more turn-based combat to puzzle over (and have already played XCOM 2 to death), here are 10 genre gems you may not even have known existed!

Published Sep. 26th 2016

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