10 Weapon Mods You Need in Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 launched late last year, and within just 24 hours the open-world role-playing game managed to move 12 million copies and acquire $750 million. That is both awe-inspiring and impressive, and yet some fans find the game to be lacking significantly when compared to previous entries in the series. Some feel the story, characters, and quests don't live up to the standards we were all expecting after waiting for so long. Personally, I found the post-apocalyptic RPG to be quite enjoyable, though I managed to achieve far more hours worth of playtime in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Being a Bethesda game, though, Fallout 4 is highly modifiable. You can add in all-new quests, new locations, new weapons, attachments, armor, NPCs, and whatever else the mind may conjure up. Seriously, there are some truly goofy mods already released.

We're here to discuss weapons today, though. One of the staples of any first-person shooter - whether it be a straight up shooter or an RPG hybrid shooter - are the weapons featured in-game. Fallout 4 has a pretty extensive collection of choices for the budding survivor, but that can always be improved upon and expanded drastically. That's exactly what a few modders did with their time.

Two of my personal favorite weapon modders in the game are 'ff7cloudstrife' and 'Millenia'. Both are highly talented individuals, and we'll see a few firearms from both of them here today.

Published Jul. 23rd 2016

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