Razer Announces The Razer University Showdown Contest.

Razer announces University Showdown Contest. Help your gaming organization grow while getting some free Razer products.

It's always more fun to play video games with friends, and it looks like Razer is trying to make a push to bring more people together to get in on the fun; specifically university students with the University Showdown contest. The Razer University Showdown is Razer's new website to help people find video game organizations at their local universities and get in contact with them to join.

This website isn't only a way to get people together, it's also a way to show others that your gaming organization is the largest. Every three months, Razer plans to give rewards to the two largest organizations. First place gets 20 Razer peripheral sets, and 2nd will get 10 sets. They haven't announced what these sets will consist of, but it's still a great way to help out these students.

This is also a great way for Razer to get some grassroots marketing done. Not only will university organizations get some valuable gear and grow in size, there will also be many organizations promoting signing up on Razer's website.

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Published Feb. 8th 2015

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