Battlefield V Chapter 4 Introduces New Maps, Chapter 5 Adds the Pacific Theatre

Battlefield V is getting a hefty load of new maps, including the Battle of Greece. :ater this year will see the launch of Chapter 5 and its take on the Pacific Theatre and Iwo Jima.

Battlefield V is getting a lot of new content this year, starting very soon, and we got a first look at Chapter 5.

One of Battlefield V's new map is Merita, an infantry-focused map which takes place during the Allies' efforts to keep Greece free from enemy occupation. The map requires players to defend a village while also taking advantage of routes to other areas, hills, and multistory homes to win the day.

It's based on the true story of the Battle of Greece as the Axis powers tried invading, and the team calls the style "creative chaos." The map is a general banana shape the forces conflict by making both sides crash into each other.

The Battle of Merita launches in July as part of Battlefield V's Chapter 4.

One of the game's new maps is Al-Sundan, adapted from Under No Flag and considered "classic Battlefield." The map takes place in the deserts of Africa as the Allies try to defend important air fields and other points from the Axis invaders. It's an open map that prioritizes space and vehicle-based action, including planes and tanks, and it's also designed for multiplayer gameplay.

Al-Sundan will be available June 27 as the first part of Chapter 4.

Operation Underground is another new, upcoming map that focuses on the metro area, but also the city's more open areas like parks. Its closer quarters emphasize flanking and getting players to strategize more to be successful. Operation Underground launches in October, in between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Chapter 4 is also introducing a range of other maps, focusing on tight, claustrophobic maps that require teamwork and infantry strategy for multiplayer matches. They'll range from far-flung Scandinavian islands to Provence in France. 

Another new update launching in August will bring an increase to Battlefield V's max rank, which is going from 50 up to 500 now to accommodate more skilled players. Company Coins are granted for each rank up, and every 50 ranks will be a Milestone that offers a special set of dogtags.

Chapter 5 got its first news as well, introducing a brand-new theater: the Pacific. The new theater naturally focuses on the fight between the US and Japan and will include a modern take on the classic Iwo Jima battle. The game is using Frostbite and motion-capture to recreate the battle like never before.

The new theater is also bringing amphibious combat and a new, expanded arsenal.

Finally, Battlefield V is getting added to the EA Vault starting today and PlayStation Access next month when it launches.


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Published Jun. 10th 2019

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