Sega Reimagines Their Consoles as High School Girls in Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls

Sega has recently launched a new show that reimagines their most notable consoles as high school age anime girls.

This is certainly an under-the-radar announcement. Sega has released the first episode of Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls, an anime based on their long running series of consoles. The twist is that each console is represented as a high school age girl. (According to Wikipedia, these girls are actually goddesses spread across Japan.)

The first episode (available on Crunchyroll) only shows Sega's three biggest consoles: the GenesisSaturn, and Dreamcast. However, we can expect a wider cast of characters in later episodes. Wikipedia lists voice credits for systems like the Master System, Mega CD, 32X, and even later iterations of consoles like the Genesis. It's also worth noting that the series is based on a series of light novels titled Sega Hard Girls.

Looking back on Sega's other crossovers

Surprisingly, this isn't the first meta crossover Sega's made for themselves. If anything, they have an attraction toward the concept. Sega distributed HyperDimension Neptunia, a game where major consoles are also represented as anime girls.

But years before that, Sega released Segagaga for the Sega Dreamcast. Unlike these other examples, though, Segagaga focused more on Sega's history than on its consoles specifically. In any case, Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls represents a running trend in Sega's history.


Published Oct. 14th 2014
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I feel like I only like this show because I'm so into Sega hardware. I'm pretty okay with that. Thanks for the post, I'd never had noticed it otherwise.

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