Final Fantasy XIV Expanded Free Trial Makes Heavensword Free

The new, expanded FFXIV free trial lets you play all the way up through FFXIV patch 3.56 and unlocks Heavensword's special jobs.

Square Enix recently announced it's sweetening the pot for anyone who's been holding off on Final Fantasy XIV. Starting August 11, the Final Fantasy XIV free trial is getting a significant expansion — all the way up through the end of Heavensword.

Previously, the FFXIV free trial only included the base game, until you leveled up to Level 35. With the FFXIV expanded free trial, you can play up to Level 60. That includes almost all of Heavensword, up to FFXIV patch 3.56, which is Heavensword's endgame.

It also means players can unlock and play as Heavensword's locked jobs: Astrologian, Machinist, and Dark Knight.

And just like with the original free trial, this expanded version is for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Note you'll still need a copy of FFXIV to get started. The free part is not having to pay the usual monthly subscription to access the game. If you already have the A Realm Reborn Starter Edition, then Heavensword gets added to your game for free.

Square Enix didn't say anything about limited features for free trial users. Presumably, these would be the same as the base trial, though: things like no access to the Lodestone or forums, being locked to one character per homeworld, and so on.

The FFXIV expanded free trial coincides with the long-awaited Reflections in Crystal 5.3 patch set which will bring Shadowbringers to a close. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Final Fantasy XIV news as it develops.


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Published Jul. 22nd 2020

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