Mr. Prepper Bob's Glasses Location Guide

Having a hard time finding Bob's glasses in Mr. Prepper? This quick walkthrough tells you how to get them and continue the Fort Observer storyline.

Mr. Prepper is a new survival game on Steam that has a lot of tricky questlines. One such quest is "Glasses for Bob," which requires players to find a pair of glasses for one of the NPCs living in the mine. This guide will provide you with tips on how to find where Bob's glasses are in Mr. Prepper.

This small quest is part of the main storyline, in which you must discover the location of Fort Observer. In order to unlock this fort, you need to find several characters, speak to them, and get them what they want.

How to Find Bob's Glasses in Mr. Prepper

Bob is a miner, who lives in the Old Creek Mine. Strangely, Bob is also a plant, but that part comes later.

First, you must find Jenny the Herbalist, who will eventually give you the Stay Awake pill. But she also holds the secret of Bob's glasses.

Follow these steps to find Bob's glasses location in Mr. Prepper:

  1. Talk to Joe at the Junkyard
  2. Go to the Forest location
  3. Travel to Forest Level 2-3
  4. Speak to Jenny the Herbalist
  5. Right-click on the plant she holds in her hands
  6. Choose the "Talk" option

In this conversation, you will learn that Bob the Plant uses glasses for reading, but he's been growing so well that he doesn't need them anymore. After the conversation, Jenny will reward you with Bob's glasses.

When the conversation with Jenny and her plant is over, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Old Creek Mine location
  2. Travel to Mine Level 1
  3. Enter the cave left of the elevator
  4. Speak to Bob the Miner
  5. Give him the glasses

This will end the "Glasses for Bob" questline, letting you continue with the rest of the Fort Observer storyline.

That's all you need to know about how to find Bob's glasses location in Mr. Prepper. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share!


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Published Mar. 29th 2021

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