Bullet Soul Comes to PC with Steam Launch

MAGES. Inc.'s classic-style shooter game, Bullet Soul, launches on Steam after 6 years of excluding the PC market.

Bullet Soul launches today on the Steam Store. It was first launched in Japan in 2011 before arriving on the Xbox 360 in 2016. Today, in 2017, it has finally arrived to obliterate enemies on PC.

Bullet Soul is a modern Japanese shooter game with a classic arcade feel. Players can see it all with the game's impressive, crisp graphics. There are 4 different game modes, both timed and causal, with several different characters and ships to choose from. Those who are looking to become truly immersed in the game can even rotate their monitor vertically to fill up the entire screen.

The new PC version has been received very positively, judging by reviews on Destructoid, ZTGD, and CGMagazine. Players are recommended to have an Xbox 360/One controller on hand, but that is not required. The game can be fully operated by using the keyboard and mouse.

All DLC available from the Xbox 360 version is included with the Steam purchase. Bullet Soul is currently $13.49, which is 10% off from the regular $14.99 price tag. This discount will end soon on April 13th.

Watch the brand new trailer below:

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Published Apr. 7th 2017

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