Top 10 Most OP Hearthstone Cards from One Night in Karazhan

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All 45 cards for the latest Hearthstone adventure, titled “One Night in Karazhan,” have been finally revealed, so you can now take a look at the ten most overpowered cards from the new set (and a few honorable mentions at the very end). They include 4 legendaries, 2 weapons, 1 epic minion, 1 rare minion and 2 common minions.

This adventure also includes five different portal spells for five classes that have double effects: they cast a spell and summon a minion at the same time. Of course, these are super strong spells in their own way, but they are not included in this list. Instead, we will look into those types of cards that can be used in current decks and make their synergies even stronger, or in the completely new archetypes.

If you want to see all 45 cards from “One Night in Karazhan,” then check this link.

Published Aug. 6th 2016

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