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All 45 cards for the latest Hearthstone adventure, titled “One Night in Karazhan,” have been finally revealed, so you can now take a look at the ten most overpowered cards from the new set (and a few honorable mentions at the very end). They include 4 legendaries, 2 weapons, 1 epic minion, 1 rare minion and 2 common minions.

This adventure also includes five different portal spells for five classes that have double effects: they cast a spell and summon a minion at the same time. Of course, these are super strong spells in their own way, but they are not included in this list. Instead, we will look into those types of cards that can be used in current decks and make their synergies even stronger, or in the completely new archetypes.

If you want to see all 45 cards from “One Night in Karazhan,” then check this link.

Menagerie Warden

Currently there are no top tier Beast Druid decks, but this card could definitely make the very first one. It has a super strong battlecry, and with all the available Druid and neutral beasts it can do much damage.

The best outcome is to play Druid of the Claw (either as a charged form or the one with the taunt) or Stranglehorn Tiger on turn five, and then use Managerie Warden on turn six for another copy of the beast.

This card will also see a lot of play on Arena, where usually you get to draft a lot of beasts. So, it will be played a lot both on Arena and constructed.

Violet Illusionist

Besides having excellent stats for a 3 mana minion, it makes all weapon classes and Warlock benefit from this card greatly for at least one turn.

Warriors, for example, can play Violet Illusionist and hit enemy minions with their weapon without taking any damage, while Warlocks can safely use their hero power. So, this card will definitely see play in these types of decks.

Arena players will also try to draft this card alongside any of the available weapons - the value in such cases is simply too good to pass by.

Silverware Golem

The new Warlock minion has a dangerously overpowered effect – summon it, if you discard it. This means that every other overpowered minion with discard mechanic (Doomguard or Succubus) will get even more buffed up by summoning another 3/3 minion. That is just insane!

Now, there have been many speculations about the new warlock archetype – Discardlock or Discolock, and it looks like this is definitely happening now. So, expect to see another super fast and extremely strong Warlock deck in constructed besides the good old Zoolock.

It's not entirely clear how this card will work in Arena, but you don’t want to discard any cards from your hand. So, it probably won’t see too much play there.

Arcane Giant

This new giant is a Miracle Rogue’s wet dream. You can quickly cast lots of spells in the early game, then play two Arcane Giants and Conceal them. This is even better than having a massive Edwin van Cleef, but you can always combine them together, which is probably what will happen.

Another archetype that will benefit from Arcane Giants is Yogg-n-Load Hunter, which is known for utilizing over a dozen spells in one match-up. So, this is definitely a possibility alongside a spell-based Mage deck.

In Arena, unfortunately, you rarely get to cast too many spells, so it’s hard to say if Arcane Giant will see any play. Other giant minions are much more suitable for that role (Frost Giant, Sea Giant, etc.)

Fool’s Bane

Here is one of the most overpowered Warrior weapons in Hearthstone. Even Doomhammer can attack only twice a turn, while Fool’s Bane can attack four times in a row (unless you can buff it, then you can attack even more). That’s a serious threat for all tempo decks, as Warrior will be able to finish four 3-health minions in one turn just using this weapon.

This is a great replacement for Death’s Bite that rotated out with the Curse of Naxxramas, and you will most certainly see this weapon played in almost every current Warrior archetype. And remember that you can have two of these in your deck.

Also, this is an absolutely insane weapon for Arena and will probably be the highest rated weapon there. Considering that you can draft more than two copies of the same card in Arena, this weapon becomes increasingly dangerous.

Spirit Claws

This is a Shaman weapon that has the potential to gain the status of being “broken” very quickly. It can grant Aggro Shaman a huge tempo swing with a 3/3 weapon that costs only 1 mana, if you add a few early spell-damage minions or roll a Wrath of Air Totem from your hero power.

But even being just a 1/3 weapon without the spell damage buff, it can still do 4 damage with Rockbiter Weapon on turn 2, so it’s obviously good in its initial stage, as well.

Spirit Claws will do exceedingly well on Arena, especially if you are lucky enough to have it in your opening hand.


It looks like this legendary minion is quickly becoming the favorite from the “One Night in Karazhan” adventure. It’s relatively cheap and has good stats, but it’s the battlecry that makes it so good.

Just imagine having Ragnaros, Antonidas, Sylvanas or Tirion on turn four, even though their stats will be 1/1 only. Anyway, decks with N’Zoth will benefit significantly from Barnes. However, be wary of including Doomsayer in your deck, or else the results will be less than intriguing.

The only way Barnes can do well in Arena is in the case when it will summon a minion with taunt or some other useful effect.

The Curator

The draw effect of this legendary is insane, but, of course, you need to include all three types of minions for it to be really effective (beast, dragon, and murloc). Even if you draw only two of the three minions, it is still really good.

Almost every class utilizes Stampeding Kodo, a beast, and Azure Drake, a dragon, in their decks. So, having a minion with taunt that guarantees drawing you these exact cards is impressive. Look at it as a solid replacement for the Ancient of Lore.

Obviously, this legendary will be insane on Arena, where minions with taunt are highly valuable -- plus you get to draw some more cards.

Prince Malchezaar

What a terrific way for Blizzard to reward new players with this legendary that adds five other random legendaries to your deck. This card can also do wonders in control decks that rely on winning in fatigue.

This legendary is totally safe to play in decks with Reno Jackson, since it never adds two copies of the same card. Before this little detail has been revealed, many players thought that it could add itself to the deck for an infinite value, but Blizzard would never allow this.

This is another great legendary for Arena. It definitely has all the necessary stats to be drafted over any other legendary, unless you get to choose some of the top tier ones.

Medivh, the Guardian

Here is the first legendary minion that is also a hero – Medivh (Mage). The card has an interesting battlecry – it equips a 1/3 weapon (Atiesh) that is, basically, a Summoning Stone for three spells.

It is a slow card, so don’t expect it to be played in tempo decks. But control archetypes or slower mid-range decks could benefit greatly from Medivh, the Guardian. People especially like the combination of Medivh with Coin on turn seven and Call of the Wild on turn eight that has the potential to summon another charged minion – Grommash Hellscream.

Medivh will not be as good on Arena, and when you really think about it, Medivh will be pretty useless there simply because it’s really difficult to draft that many good spells in your deck.

Honorable mentions

Malchezaar’s Imp. If the new Discard Warlock archetype happens to be as good in constructed as everybody expects, this minion will be auto-included in those types of decks.

Arcane Anomaly. This card has been already equaled to the infamous Undertaker. In spell-based deck you can buff it very quickly and turn it into a real danger for your opponent.

Nightbane Templar. This mini Dr. Boom can be well used in Dragon Paladin decks that also include Steward of Darkshire that will give the 1/1 whelps divine shields.

What Hearthstone cards do you consider the most overpowered from the “One Night in Karazhan” adventure? Let us know in the comments section.

Published Aug. 6th 2016


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