Sony on Driveclub Delay: No Point in "Half Doing the Job"

Rushing a launch title for the PlayStation 4? Not a good idea, says Sony.

Originally, Driveclub was a PlayStation 4 launch title. However, they were forced to delay the promising racer, as it simply wasn't ready for its November debut.

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara addressed the delay, saying the fans will benefit from the situation. The bottom line is that the game wasn't finished, and no fan wants a half-done title.

"I don't have any announcement on it now. The only reason that product was delayed and we haven't accurately communicated a revised release date is that we want it to be right. There's a fair promise in that title in what it wants to do with social features and really innovating in the driving genre.

There's no point in it coming out and half doing that job. It was quite ambitious and didn't quite get there in the timeline hoped. That's not great, but it's far better to bring it out at the standard."

That's a common reason for delays these days, but I don't have a problem with it. We've all got plenty of games to play, so there's no reason to get all stressed when a title gets pushed back. Besides, we got the great Need for Speed: Rivals for the PS4 launch.

For now, Driveclub doesn't have a release date, although rumors state it could launch as early as late February. Later estimates say it won't be ready until summer.

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Published Jan. 31st 2014

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