Mugen Souls launching on Steam on October 22nd

You can pick up Mugen Souls for PC October 22nd via Steam!

Strategy roleplaying game Mugen Souls, developed by Compile Heart, will launch for PC via Steam on October 22nd. A new trailer (feature above) for the game was revealed by the publisher as well.

If you end up getting the game on its release, it will only cost you $19.99, with a 40% discount. On the off chance that you're wondering about the game's post-launch DLC plans, that information was released for consoles. Ghostlight will begin releasing it around October 29th on PC, all with the same 40% discount.

It is also worth mentioning that Ghostlight will be releasing 30 packs of DLC for the console version as part of the base game for free. The PC version of Mugen Souls will feature mouse/keyboard and gamepad support, and will also feature Steam achievements. You will be able to get higher resolution as well, due to the fact that it is less limited on PC.

Mugen Souls will feature a number of other user interface changes and major graphical enhancements. Ghostlight is aiming to ensure that PC gamers receive the best gaming experience possible.


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Published Oct. 18th 2015

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