Report Details Nintendo's Smartphone Stubbornness Over Potential Mario App

When can you expect Mario to jump to your smartphone?

A report published on the Japanese website Business Journal claims there is an uproar at Nintendo.

The report claims that Nintendo president Satoru Iwato is locked in a dispute with management over his smartphone plans.  Allegations have been made that Iwato is vetoing demands to release Nintendo IP on smartphones.

Some senior managers are reporting that he is "fixated with game consoles," "stubbornly rejecting the net," and wants the company to stick to hardware and software development.  

Because the previous president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away, there is no one above Iowta.  Some feel he doesn't have a good grasp on the company's vision since he is considered an "outsider." He was not promoted from within or a part of the Yamauchi family.  Management is even rumored to be planning an oust.


If the smartphones strategy were to be put in place, one could expect to pay about $.99 for the Mario application.  Predictions by analysts put this at a net of $2.7 billion if moved forward.  But for now President Iwato is not jumping.


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Published Aug. 9th 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Mario Kart on iOS/Android would sell like hotcakes!

    Even better if they release the Zelda games,but I can't see that happening

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