Being a GameSkinny Intern: Awesome

Ah the life..of a GameSkinny Intern.

For the past three weeks, I have had the joy of being a GameSkinny intern. Sure, it has had its moments where I was having a bad week and behind on my articles. Naturally, this led to me having to hustle to beat the deadline, but it did not keep me from enjoying the time I was having.

My Position

Though the Bastion phase was not the first round of internships GameSkinny has had, it was my first. I was assigned the role of writer as it was my top choice our of team leader, writer, editor, or social media. My only job was to write articles, including assignments set out by the GameSkinny team. By week three, I ended up not only as writer, but as backup editor as our editor was having internet issues. Editing was far easier as it just required making sure team articles were up to par for GameSkinny standards.

My Team

I think the hardest issue with our team was choosing the name. I tell you what. I ended up as the only girl on my team but these guys were so very creative when it came to names. One of the favorite suggested team names was Galatic Whale Attack. This one truly had me rolling on the floor. We ended up naming our team Veni Vidi Vici, which means I came, I saw, I conquered. We definitely tried to do that with this internship.

A Memorable Moment

The best week to me was the week of E3. Being a gaming fan, I always watch E3, especially when the next generation of consoles are coming out. I'm a huge techno geek so the new technology rumored to be coming out was boggling to the mind. This year, I had the great opportunity of not only watching E3, but being a part of it (regardless of how small) by relating the news released to the masses. The only thing better would have been to actually be at E3 (but we can't all be there, much to my dismay).

A Wrap Up

This is the final week of the Bastion Internship. I am sad to see it go but super excited for the next phase of the program, Orzhov, which begins July 8th. The friends I've made I hope to keep in touch with in the months and years to come as we've spent a great time coming together to provide you all with great reads and game related news.

If you are interested in becoming a GameSkinny intern, be sure to check out Video Game Journalism Internship: Orzhov Begins July 8th article for more information!

Published Jun. 26th 2013

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