A New PlayStation VR Device for PS5 is in Development

PS5 VR dev kits are going out soon, but Sony says don't expect the new virtual reality device this year.

A new PlayStation VR set is in the works designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed the PS5 VR device's existence during an exclusive interview with GQ, which was followed by a new PlayStation Blog post from platform planning Senior VP Hideaki Nishino with some additional details.

The device is currently unnamed and still in development, and Nishino said the new PS VR device's release date will be sometime after 2021. However, Ryan told GQ that dev kits will soon be going out. 

"We’re very excited by it and we think that people who are going to make VR games for our new VR system are going to be very excited too," Ryan said, though he declined to comment on what the new virtual reality device's launch line-up might look like.

In addition to resolution and improved field of view tracking, PS VR for PlayStation 5 includes a number of other enhancements. One is streamlining how players connect the device to their PlayStation 5. Gone are the numerous cords and attachments in favor of just one cord.

The new PS VR controller will have "a focus on great ergonomics" and some of the DualSense's special features, though Nishino didn't mention which ones would be included. And for the record, Sony isn't calling it PSVR 2 ... just yet, anyway. 

[Source: GQ, PlayStation Blog]


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Published Feb. 23rd 2021

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