Top 10 Must Have Home Decor For The Gamer's Crib

Mario Cat Complex

For the gamers with cats as family members, treat them to these insanely cute to watch sets. CatastrophiCreations' Mario Cat Complex 2.0 is handmade to order and has expansion options to provide a sewer sanctuary for your cute, furry friend. Watch as your cat climbs down a pipe to spit out on a pipe below, or they can just chill in the Question Mark box 'til dinner time.

The listing for the wooden Mario Cat complex mount is without vinyls and bullet/cannon sets. You can add them for an additional charge. All pieces come pre-drilled with holes and 16" studs and are 35.5" in total width, 34" in height, and 11.75" in depth. So, let your kitties embark on a journey to save the princess with the hope she's not in another castle.

Published Mar. 15th 2016

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