Super Princess Peach Review

Lets play a game were Mario is the one kidnapped! A small review about what the game is about, and how amazing it is!

Super Princess Peach was the very first Mario game I ever played, and I guess because of that I am attached to it. I really did love this game. Its cute and fun. What could better than being an awesome chick who kicks butt!

Story Line

The game takes place on Vibe Island were Bowser has decided to build a summer villa. Bowser is looking for the Vibe Scepter, which he does get his hands on. He then sends a goomba over to Princess Peach's castle to test out the scepter. The scepter changes everyone's emotions and makes everyone panic.

Amongst all this, the Hammer Brothers kidnap Mario, Luigi and Toad. Toad manages to escape and tell Peach what happened when she comes back from her walk. She then is given a magical umbrella named Perry and sets off to save Mario and Luigi!

Game Play

This game is fun to play and it's not hard, but I think that when it comes to the four emotions I don't like having to use the touch screen. Multitasking was never really my thing so having to focus on defeating a huge boss, on the top screen, and then also having to switch emotions, on the bottom screen, to help bring the boss down is annoying for me.

Peach's abilities

Peach has four abilities that are really interesting. She has hearts, that will appear on the bottom screen, that each have their own power. They are joy, anger, gloom and calm.

Left: Joy                   Right: Gloom

  • Joy: Peach becomes so happy that she creates a cyclone around her and she is able to fly.
  • Anger: Peach becomes so angry that she becomes encased in flames that can be used to kill enemies and burn logs.
  • Gloom: Peach cries a waterfall of tears that can make plants grow, or make you run extra fast!
  • Calm: Peach is surrounded by a green glow that will heal her.

But you will have to watch your mood bar because every time you use an emotion your bar gets drained, and you must wait for it to refill.


Perry is a magical umbrella with a mysterious past. His past is revealed in flash backs through out the game. Peach uses Perry to help her attack enemies. You can use Perry to hit enemies, ground pound, and eat enemies which brings up your mood bar and float.

If you want to get more moves for Perry always look in the Item Shop. They have lots of handy items for Perry and for Peach.

All in all its a great game! It may not be my favorite Mario game but I sill love it!

Our Rating
Lets play a game were Mario is the one kidnapped! A small review about what the game is about, and how amazing it is!


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Published Sep. 16th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    This game is amazing. I played it on the Nintendo DS and I couldn't put it down until I beat it. I'd recommend it to anyone of any age, as long as you like Mario!

    Plus, I loved Peach as a child. She was my favorite Mario 64 character.

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