6 Great Gaming YouTube Channels for Tweens

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"Oh no! An article about YouTube channels for kids! It's just going to be about Minecraft, isn't it?"

You might be happy to learn that no, there are many things more interesting than watching Minecraft on YouTube. Kids aged between 8-12, or "tweens" as they are sometimes referred to, are gradually wanting to break away from making and watching videos centered around the building game, and there are a whole host of great channels out there which cater to that.

As a parent, it is important to me that kids of this age watch videos that are suitable for them in content and how the hosts present themselves. Although he is the most famous of gaming YouTubers, I wouldn't want my kids watching some of PewDiePie's videos -- especially given some of his recent faux pas

Check out some of these great YouTube channels that we have found! All are suitable for tweens, and I've tried to steer clear of videos solely about Minecraft -- okay, so there might be one.

Published Dec. 12th 2017

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