Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Revealing Details Soon

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap is a remake of a classic platformer that is set to reveal soon

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a game currently being created by indie developer Lizardcube. And according to the countdown timer on their website, this new game will be revealed soon. Currently the only thing on the website, the timer says we have about 40 hours until the official announcement.

The developer has revealed precious little about the game, but we do know a few things. The game is being developed in Paris by Lizardcube, and they have put together some nice talent. Omar Cornut, who worked on WiLD and PixelJunk Shooter, is programming the game. Ben Fiquet is providing the artistic bits. Never heard of him? Don't feel bad -- I hadn't either, but I've seen his work now. It's beautiful and just a touch quirky -- the perfect touch for this kind of game.  

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is based on an older title -- Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap. It was an award winning game, originally developed for the Sega Master System back in 1989. Despite its age it was, and remains, one of the best 8 bit platforming games ever created. We can only hope the remake lives up to the original. Keep an eye out for more details once the game is revealed. For more information check out the game's website here, and the developer website here.

Published Jun. 1st 2016

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