Wireless SNES Controllers for Nintendo Switch Available Now — For Some

SNES Controllers for the Nintendo Switch are available to purchase now (well, sort of), but only for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Nintendo recently added 20 SNES games to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription library, and the wireless SNES controllers that accompany those additions are available for purchase now — but only for Nintendo Switch Online members.

The controllers are priced at $29.99 each, plus an extra $5 for shipping, with a limit of four per MyNintendo account. They're set to begin shipping tomorrow, September 18.

The SNES controllers are completely wireless and come with a USB charger, though they can be charged using the Nintendo Switch AC adapter as well.

Unlike the NES controllers released last year, these don't slide onto the Joy-Con rails though — which is sort of okay, because that feature had no practical purpose anyway, even if it did look nifty.

However, since beginning this article and reaching the second paragraph, the product page shows the items are temporarily out of stock. There's no estimated restock date, though, at the very least, Nintendo's record with the SNES Classic Mini shows it's (presumably) learned its lesson about demand for retro goods, especially after the fiasco that was the NES Classic Mini's stock situation.

We'll update accordingly if there's any word about restocks or anticipated shortages.


Josh Broadwell's gaming career began early--1993, to be exact--when he was introduced to the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World. Despite all the magnificent games the SNES and, later, the original PlayStation had to offer, it wasn't until the GameBoy Advance era that he finally discovered RPGs, which quickly became a favorite genre. He holds a BA in history, an MA in history, and is currently pursuing an MA in strategic communication.

Published Sep. 17th 2019

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