The Next Mario Game Just Got Leaked, And It's Rabbid

A new leak seems to confirm that the next Mario game for the Switch will feature Ubisoft's infamous Rabbids.

Just ahead of Nintendo's highly anticipated presentation at E3 2017, a new leak has revealed the next Mario game for the Nintendo Switch -- and it reportedly features the iconic Rabbids from Ubisoft, which spawned almost a dozen of their own games since their inception.

Earlier this week, an image leaked of a Rabbid in a Princess Peach costume. And somehow, got a hold of the full key art for the game, which you can view below: 

The publication's sources claim that this upcoming game, called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, will debut at E3 next month, with a full release planned for August. There's been no official confirmation yet from Nintendo or Ubisoft, so we can't say for certain that this is actually happening. But it does align with rumors that circulated last year about a new Mario game that would feature the Rabbids in some capacity. hasn't been able to give further specifics about Mario+Rabbids, but the site has claimed that the game will feature turn-based battles and co-op play. This will be the first time the Rabbids have made an appearance in a console game since 2014's Rabbids Invasion

We're sure to get more details on this when Nintendo presents its showcase at E3. You can watch the Spotlight stream on June 13th, at 12 PM EST. Or stay tuned to GameSkinny for up-to-the-minute reports as the showcase unfolds!

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Published May. 23rd 2017

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